Fundraising event for the Rivertown Christian Patriots Homeschool Volleyball Club of West Michigan


July 25, 2020
8AM - 3PM
Manhattan Park
331 Cascade Rd SE,
East GR, MI 49506

Co-Ed 4s

16 and up



Teams may have up to 5 on their team and 3 must be on the court at all times with at least 2 females. Games may play with 3 females and 1 male, but not 3 males and 1 female. You may have all female teams. Each match will play 2 games to 21 (cap) and top teams will advance to single elimination finals. (depending on how many teams) *All rules are subject to change as needed to keep the flow. Registration through TeamSnap, if you do not want to create an account please contact Sara. (info below) Walk on teams welcome the day of. All proceeds go to support the 2020 girls RCV homeschool volleyball program.

1st Place: Tshirt & Gift Card
2nd Place: Gift Card
3rd Place: Gift Card

Concessions will be

available. Spectators 

welcome, playground 

for kids is open.

Questions or looking for a team Contact Sara Klaasen: 616-295-3704

Details about the organization visit:


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